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Different Types of Power

Power can be described through an array of various settings. Since there is not one standard definition of power, power is open to the interpreation of the reader. Above, I have merely listed a few of the many possible types of power that exist. One of the most universal definitions of power, aside from money, tends to be the ability to influence others. TIME magazine has listed the top 100 powerful people of the world which have been divided into several categories: leaders and revolutionaries, builders and titans, artists and entertainers, scientists and thinkers and heroes and icons. This list clearly indicates the different types and areas in which power can be exercised and the complicity of what power entails. One of the most globally influencial resources which not only empowers people worldwide, but also holds power over people is the media. The media has the unique ability of providing people with an enormous amount of information and knowledge which enables them to increase their own power very easily. The internet, for example, opens numerous doors to anyone and everyone with access to it. Not only are there no barriers to information but people are in complete control of what they wish to access and how much knowledge they wish to acquire.  The phenomenon of the search engine such as “google” not only enables people to gain information and knowledge on any topic, it also has the ability through googlemaps to see any destination around the world. Another resource which has empowered people through the internet arguably is “Facebook” and other such social networking programmes. This has enabled people to get in contact with old friends, new friends and make friends and create groups based on similar interests therefore connecting people globally and empowering them. A similar type of programme is Skype which allows anyone with the programme to talk through webcam and microphone to each other for free worldwide. Again, this allows people to connect with no barriers and places them in positions of power. Aside from fascinating programmes such as the ones mentioned above, the Internet allows anyone to buy/sell/trade goods through an invisible market force, thereby empowering many people globally not only directly but indirectly through the boosting of economies. Above all, however, the Internet allows people to keep up-to-date with the latest information including news, weather, sports and politics which provides people with various kinds of  resources of knowledge empowering thousands worldwide. Aside from the Internet, TV, newspapers and radio play an amazing role in empowering people aswell as influencing them. Through these tools, people are allowed to voice their opinions and gain knowledge and therefore power, but,  it is also through these same sources that people are most susceptable to being influenced and therefore controlled by these powers.


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